21 May 2014

Volume Three - a look inside!

Here it is, your guide to Espresso Tales Magazine VOL 3 which can be bought online right now from here or from any of our lovely stockists - see here.

First up, the cover (above) this is  a well beaten-up stovetop espresso maker I found at Camberwell Markets a few weeks back, photographed on the floor of my new studio. Altogether I'm well happy with the cover this edition!

I love the beautiful and subtle advert place by The St. Kilda Dispensary in opposite the intro :)

Was a pleasure meeting the crew from Sbriga Bar - nice story too...

Sbriga happens to use Allpress, so this is a rather well placed advert by Allpress!

Get the full story behind Coffee Supreme in Melbourne - through Heath Cater, Head of Australian Operations...

I'm loving the new Keepcup Brew, and I value the support KeepCup!

Becky and Mik from Ruby's. Lovely people with a lovely cafe :)

Full story behind Pana Chocolate - loved by vegan, gluten-intolerant rawsters everywhere!!

A little creative thinking from the Prana Chai team with this pull-out advert!

It is all about coffee, At Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird, in Gardenvale...

There is always a little space in support of the Wild Timor Coffee guys :)

STREAT dishes up a great coffee, whilst supporting at risk youth....
(Full story in VOL 3)

Thanks to Alistair from Five Boroughs for this piece on his hand made coffee cups....

Tana cafe! Cute - special thanks to Adrian Craddock for this story...

The talented Matt Forbes not only keeps Espresso Tales in a recipe each edition - but this volume includes the story behind the man, the brand and the cafe (Cobb Lane)

Special thanks to writer Candice Guillaumier and photographer Glen Watson for the piece on Brightbird Espresso!

Matt Forbes shares his Custard tart recipe!

I asked Luka if she could come up with a line drawing of a cafe shop-front with tables etc... anyway she did just that. I love this, I have one on my wall!

So there you have it - for full stories, get you hands on the latest edition of Espresso tales here

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