02 January 2015

Camping - but still great coffee

I have learnt the hard way that roughing it ain't so rough with good coffee. This technique is simple and you don't need anything fancy to ensure yourself great coffee 'in the bush!'.

All you need is:

An airtight jar of your favourite coffee, filter grind
paper coffee filters
Gas cooker
A tea pot with built in removable tea strainer (of course you might have 'real' coffee pour-over equipment but my tea pot did me fine!)

Also you need the obvious things like water and cups!!

Assemble the above items and boil two cups of water on the gas burner.
Here you can see the tea strainer, perfect for placing your coffee paper filter into.

Here the paper filter is in the strainer, and add 4 tablespoons of ground coffee (more or less according to taste of course)

Carefully pour water (I allow it to boil then remove from heat and pour from about 20 cm away which allows water to cool a little before hitting the coffee) over the coffee beans. Stop half way to gently stir ensuring there are no air pockets.

Pour remaining water and allow to run through.

Pour and enjoy!

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