26 February 2015

1000 £ Bend: Now serving Will&Co.

Will, from Will&Co...
1000 £ Bend: Now serving Will&Co. 
Melbourne's much loved coffee haunt 1000 £ Bend has taken on a brand new coffee supplier -  Will&Co. - a recently launched Sydney-based coffee company. Will from Will&Co. (pictured, not a founding member, the name is a co-incidence!) is down today dishing out cold brew coffee to customers and introducing the brand to Melbourne. The espresso blend (same blend as used in the cold brew) is the perfect palate-pleasing all-rounder: well balanced acidity, malty undertones and a clean mouthfeel. Free cold brew was for this morning only - but the espresso blend is here to stay!

£1000 Bend located at: 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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