04 April 2014

Preview: Matt Forbes of Cobb Lane

Matt Forbes of Cobb Lane in Yarraville
This is the man behind those devilishly good doughnuts everyone is queuing for on weekends at places like Clements Coffee and Dead Man Espresso. Matt has had a busy few years first establishing Matt Forbes his wholesale baking business, and more recently Cobb Lane bakery-cafe in Yarraville. He also supplies us at Espresso Tales Magazine with our recipe in each new edition of the magazine.
Get the full story in VOL 3 out soon!

Cobb Lane
13 Anderson St
Yarraville 3013

31 March 2014

Not just a Flat White...

For those days you feel like something a bit different, here are a few options to experiment with! Know what any of them are?

A Melbourne Classic...

 Popular amongst older Italian Gentlemen...

Enjoyed by the ladies...

In Volume Three We'll let you know what they are and how to make them!
With Eddie, from Let Me Be Frank in South Melbourne...

13 March 2014

Preview: Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird

Dean and Andy of Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird, Gardenvale.
Despite the name of our magazine, we are not really all that coffee focussed. Sure, it's a good thing. Sure it's a beverage many of us drink daily and some of us would consider life considerably less rich without it. But all the same it is after all just a drink. (Mmmm, coffee...) In edition Three we will meet Dean and Andy for whom coffee is not just a beverage. It is their livelihood and their passion. Volume Three is  out in May, when you will be able to read all about it!

In the meantime catch up on VOL 1 and VOL 2 here

Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird
124 Gardenvale Road
Gardenvale Victoria 3185

05 March 2014

Espresso Tales meets STREAT

Matt (head roaster) and Rebecca (CEO) or STREAT

STREAT is a small chain of inner Melbourne cafes that takes great pride in it's food and coffee - but is is also a social enterprise. Over the last few years STREAT has had over 180 disadvantaged and 'at risk' young people through it's doors on one or more of a number of schemes they offer ranging from work experience to six month training courses in hospitality.

The full story behind STREAT will feature in Volume Three of Espresso Tales due out in May -
Which I guess means I had better get writing!!

23 February 2014

A chat with Heath Cater of Coffee Supreme

Heath Cater, Managing Director of Coffee Supreme.

Later this year Coffee Supreme turns 21. It's a coming of age! Last week I chatted with Heath Cater of Coffee Supreme to find out more about his journey in to coffee and where Coffee Supreme is at now. Heath's journey, incidentally, started when he was hired as the delivery guy by husband-wife owner operators in Wellington, New Zealand back in 1997 . Through serendipity, mostly, Heath soon found himself in charge of the roasting.
Heath points out that this is typical of the company even today. Staff work in the job they are hired in but are quickly trained up in other areas also. This, he offers,  makes for a  happy, well rounded, highly skilled team.

Get the full story in VOL 3 of Espresso Tales due out in May 2014 (look for it at MICE14!)

Grab a copy of Volume One or Two here

Coffee Supreme

19 February 2014

Second Shoot for Volume Three! Ruby's Cafe in Coburg

Becky and Mik Tsatsis of Ruby's in Coburg
It was a pleasure hanging out at Ruby's for a few hours to photograph the kitsch space and get to know Becky and Mik a little. Ruby's is this couples first cafe together but they know what they want from the business. They love the open ended possibilities in having their own cafe and, although it only opened late 2013 Becky and Mik are already working on the next phase of their business.

Catch the full story and interiors photographs in Volume Three of Espresso Tales due out mid May 2014.

Catch up one Volumes One and Two here

Ruby's Cafe
138 Nicholson St

13 February 2014

First Shoot for VOLUME THREE!! Sbriga EspressoBar, Melbourne CBD

Mario from Sbriga Espresso Bar, Melbourne CBD

It is the coffee, food and interiors often that attract us to a certain cafe - but it's the staff that keep us coming back, right? The passion behind Melbourne cafe owners inspires me every time I sit down to conduct an interview. True again when I sat down with Mario Simeone in his European inspired Sbriga Bar in the north-west corner of the CBD.  Mario's approach is to provide Melbourne style coffee with a Roman inspired ambiance.

Volume Three of Espresso Tales will include a 6 page photographic feature of the stunning Sbriga Espresso Bar and Mario's personal story of how it came about.

Volume Three will be launched at MICE 2014

Buy volume's 1 & 2 here