26 February 2015

1000 £ Bend: Now serving Will&Co.

Will, from Will&Co...
1000 £ Bend: Now serving Will&Co. 
Melbourne's much loved coffee haunt 1000 £ Bend has taken on a brand new coffee supplier -  Will&Co. - a recently launched Sydney-based coffee company. Will from Will&Co. (pictured, not a founding member, the name is a co-incidence!) is down today dishing out cold brew coffee to customers and introducing the brand to Melbourne. The espresso blend (same blend as used in the cold brew) is the perfect palate-pleasing all-rounder: well balanced acidity, malty undertones and a clean mouthfeel. Free cold brew was for this morning only - but the espresso blend is here to stay!

£1000 Bend located at: 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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02 January 2015

Camping - but still great coffee

I have learnt the hard way that roughing it ain't so rough with good coffee. This technique is simple and you don't need anything fancy to ensure yourself great coffee 'in the bush!'.

All you need is:

An airtight jar of your favourite coffee, filter grind
paper coffee filters
Gas cooker
A tea pot with built in removable tea strainer (of course you might have 'real' coffee pour-over equipment but my tea pot did me fine!)

Also you need the obvious things like water and cups!!

Assemble the above items and boil two cups of water on the gas burner.
Here you can see the tea strainer, perfect for placing your coffee paper filter into.

Here the paper filter is in the strainer, and add 4 tablespoons of ground coffee (more or less according to taste of course)

Carefully pour water (I allow it to boil then remove from heat and pour from about 20 cm away which allows water to cool a little before hitting the coffee) over the coffee beans. Stop half way to gently stir ensuring there are no air pockets.

Pour remaining water and allow to run through.

Pour and enjoy!

21 May 2014

Volume Three - a look inside!

Here it is, your guide to Espresso Tales Magazine VOL 3 which can be bought online right now from here or from any of our lovely stockists - see here.

First up, the cover (above) this is  a well beaten-up stovetop espresso maker I found at Camberwell Markets a few weeks back, photographed on the floor of my new studio. Altogether I'm well happy with the cover this edition!

I love the beautiful and subtle advert place by The St. Kilda Dispensary in opposite the intro :)

Was a pleasure meeting the crew from Sbriga Bar - nice story too...

Sbriga happens to use Allpress, so this is a rather well placed advert by Allpress!

Get the full story behind Coffee Supreme in Melbourne - through Heath Cater, Head of Australian Operations...

I'm loving the new Keepcup Brew, and I value the support KeepCup!

Becky and Mik from Ruby's. Lovely people with a lovely cafe :)

Full story behind Pana Chocolate - loved by vegan, gluten-intolerant rawsters everywhere!!

A little creative thinking from the Prana Chai team with this pull-out advert!

It is all about coffee, At Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird, in Gardenvale...

There is always a little space in support of the Wild Timor Coffee guys :)

STREAT dishes up a great coffee, whilst supporting at risk youth....
(Full story in VOL 3)

Thanks to Alistair from Five Boroughs for this piece on his hand made coffee cups....

Tana cafe! Cute - special thanks to Adrian Craddock for this story...

The talented Matt Forbes not only keeps Espresso Tales in a recipe each edition - but this volume includes the story behind the man, the brand and the cafe (Cobb Lane)

Special thanks to writer Candice Guillaumier and photographer Glen Watson for the piece on Brightbird Espresso!

Matt Forbes shares his Custard tart recipe!

I asked Luka if she could come up with a line drawing of a cafe shop-front with tables etc... anyway she did just that. I love this, I have one on my wall!

So there you have it - for full stories, get you hands on the latest edition of Espresso tales here

07 May 2014

KeepCup launches in Glass! - KeepCup Brew

It has been lovely getting to know the people behind Melbourne's coffee scene - it really has. And amongst them is Abigail and the team behind KeepCup. The KeepCup, as we know it, is great - for all the reasons discussed in my story featured in VOL TWO of Espresso Tales Mag (practicality, sustainability, convenience...) but now - add to that 'Class'.

KeepCup have launched, in addition to their well known plastic reusable cups, a glass version; KeepCup Brew. I guess you could say it is the Rolls Royce option! Several cups were sent on to me to check out. Gosh it was like Christmas! The packaging even is beautiful! Almost too beautiful to chuck straight into the recycling - but importantly, and in keeping with their sustainability ethos, one can do just that.


The cup itself is really lovely - it feels classy.  I can see this taking pride of place on desks everywhere!
I take it across the road for my coffee in the mornings, to take back to my desk and inevitably people mention it! Both baristas and other customers! (Bit of a head turner this one)

KeepCup have launched this in more than one size - handy for those who like to go large. The glass construction makes for a heavier a cup, of course, so in my mind this is not the cup you chuck in your handbag for just in case. No - this is more the keep on your desk version, for the in-house cafe or for popping out to everyones favourite local over the road.

Here are some shots from the very first time I did just this, and crossed the road (thanks lovely barista lady from Dundas & Faussett!) for a flat white.

Job done! Easy.
Now, if you don't mind it is 10.07am and I am overdue my morning coffee!

For more info see here

Words and Pictures by Rebecca Hughes