07 May 2014

KeepCup launches in Glass! - KeepCup Brew

It has been lovely getting to know the people behind Melbourne's coffee scene - it really has. And amongst them is Abigail and the team behind KeepCup. The KeepCup, as we know it, is great - for all the reasons discussed in my story featured in VOL TWO of Espresso Tales Mag (practicality, sustainability, convenience...) but now - add to that 'Class'.

KeepCup have launched, in addition to their well known plastic reusable cups, a glass version; KeepCup Brew. I guess you could say it is the Rolls Royce option! Several cups were sent on to me to check out. Gosh it was like Christmas! The packaging even is beautiful! Almost too beautiful to chuck straight into the recycling - but importantly, and in keeping with their sustainability ethos, one can do just that.


The cup itself is really lovely - it feels classy.  I can see this taking pride of place on desks everywhere!
I take it across the road for my coffee in the mornings, to take back to my desk and inevitably people mention it! Both baristas and other customers! (Bit of a head turner this one)

KeepCup have launched this in more than one size - handy for those who like to go large. The glass construction makes for a heavier a cup, of course, so in my mind this is not the cup you chuck in your handbag for just in case. No - this is more the keep on your desk version, for the in-house cafe or for popping out to everyones favourite local over the road.

Here are some shots from the very first time I did just this, and crossed the road (thanks lovely barista lady from Dundas & Faussett!) for a flat white.

Job done! Easy.
Now, if you don't mind it is 10.07am and I am overdue my morning coffee!

For more info see here

Words and Pictures by Rebecca Hughes

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