23 February 2014

A chat with Heath Cater of Coffee Supreme

Heath Cater, Managing Director of Coffee Supreme.

Later this year Coffee Supreme turns 21. It's a coming of age! Last week I chatted with Heath Cater of Coffee Supreme to find out more about his journey in to coffee and where Coffee Supreme is at now. Heath's journey, incidentally, started when he was hired as the delivery guy by husband-wife owner operators in Wellington, New Zealand back in 1997 . Through serendipity, mostly, Heath soon found himself in charge of the roasting.
Heath points out that this is typical of the company even today. Staff work in the job they are hired in but are quickly trained up in other areas also. This, he offers,  makes for a  happy, well rounded, highly skilled team.

Get the full story in VOL 3 of Espresso Tales due out in May 2014 (look for it at MICE14!)

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Coffee Supreme

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