14 March 2012


Magazine Junkie
How I love to sit in one of my favourite cafes with a really good coffee and a really good magazine. Here are a few I have discovered recently...

Love it. It's a girly magazine minus the lip gloss and Prada. Think handcrafts and vintage goodies, inspirational creatives and delightfully low key photography. Frankie celebrates the great stuff about being a modern, thinking girl. Frankie bravely ditched the big name glossy prototype and the result is real, relevant and a genuinely good read.

Very recently released a boys version Smith Journal.

Widely available from newsagents.

When I grow up I want to own a house... and renovate it. You know. Who doesn't.  And this mag will be my bible. Always filled with interesting advice on sustainable building materials and suppliers. Plenty of inspiration too with real renovation and re-build projects from Australia and New Zealand.
Printed right here in Melbourne.

Widely available - I usually get mine from Bunnings.
This small (A5) mag produced in Adelaide is a very new find. It is a great size for popping in your handbag for convenient transportation.
I have only one copy of this and it is quite diverse, so I shall use their own words to describe...
"Collect is a magazine about taking pride in what we do, and where we live... Small cities - and the small cities within cities - are re-emphasising the importance of community. People are returning to the corner store - and that’s where you’ll find us."
I got my copy from TheSuperCool - pop up shop that pop's up all over the place! Oh and it is only $5.

I also only have one volume of this also. Inspiring, creative people - their homes and their work. That sums up the issue I read anyway. A beautiful magazine.

Get it from TheSuperCool.

Espresso Tales

I guess I have to add this to the list!
Every edition introduces readers to the people behind Melbourne's cafe scene: cafe owners, chefs, designers, coffee roaster and more.
Perfect reading in your favourite cafe with a good coffee.

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Frankie and Green have been regular buys for me for about a year now. Now Collect and Anthology are gonna get it whenever I seem 'em too! So inspiring to see not only what people are out there doing but the magazines themselves - the uncoated paper, the beautifully designed pages and the engaging photography. These magazines demonstrate an overdue shift away from all those samey glossies where women (and men) just sit there looking good (to sell stuff), and towards really interesting stories about what people are creating and thinking and doing.


  1. You need to pick up our mag too!! MELBOURNEmade Issue 1 is in newsagents. Check it out: www.melbournemade.net.au

  2. I know, I know! I'll find it soon I'm sure - will just have to do a part two!