05 March 2012


This sexy little beast is in the hands of barista
Sebastian from The Victorian Cafe, Albert Park.

I have been drawn to coffee and cafes for over 15 years now. And here I am now in Melbourne - the cafe capital of the world (can that be said? Well, I said it) and my cafe obsession grows and grows. The attraction, apart from loving coffee, is the 'third space' concept I think. Cafes are a place to feel a part of. A cafe should not be 'exclusive' that is the roll of that classy restaurant. So after a little thought the following I think are factors that make me happy, that draw me to a certain cafe.

1. The coffee must be flawless, but that goes without saying. We are all pretty well educated by now about such things. Enough said.

2. Interiors. They can make an ok place amazing. Some cafe owners, it would seem, are also talented stylists. If not they should employ someone who is. Thrill me, surprise me, break the mold.

3. A friendly greeting is lovely, thanks, but don't ask me what I want before I have even spotted the menu. I feel rushed.

4. Yes please! Either serve me water (don't even ask) at the table or have it available and obviously positioned. Thanks.

5. I love to be completely ignored once I have my coffee and/or food delivered. It's a great thing. If I have any problems or want anything else I will make eye contact with you and let you know. Of course this requires staff to be quietly on the lookout for this - unlike most flight attendants these days who have become experts at making no eye contact whatsoever during in-flight service, in case you might require something!!! (sorry to any in-fight attendants reading this I have no doubt you are over worked and underpaid!)

6. Please don't hover and whisk my cup/plate away as soon as I down my last mouthful. I know you do this out of efficiency and/or desire to look busy - but it makes me feel like you are hurrying me off. Not cool. I feel naked sitting at an empty table.

7. Likewise  I do not really like being asked if I want anything else 3 times by every member of staff on duty. I'll let you know.

Hmmmm. I think that sums it up for me. I'm a simple kinda lady, like to keep to myself and feel comfortable, you know.

Over and out.
Feel free to leave your gripes and thoughts - or to disagree -  by leaving a comment!


  1. I love this! And I completely agree with every point. I have been in Italy and Spain recently and I love that they just leave you alone while you enjoy you coffee and NEVER rush you out. The service in Aus is completely different & will take some time getting used to when I get home. I just love when the space of a cafe is as delicious as the coffee - it needs to be a complete experience.

  2. Thanks for commenting Cass - hope you are having a great time in Europe - lucky! Enjoy.