28 February 2012

BEST OF - Laneway Cafes

BEST OF - Laneway Cafes

Hidden gems. We all love a bit of that, don't we? The enticing smell of ground coffee wafting down some unlikely looking, preferably dank, laneway... and then we spot some smug know-it-all clutching a keep-cup and contentedly re-caffeinating. And our suspicions are confirmed. And so, here I present for you my pick of 'laneway treasure', where you will find not only great coffee but also the satisfaction being 'in the know'.

Yes, the addresses are a bit vaugue. You will appreciate finding a 'hidden gem' more if you have to fossick - surely!

Somerset Place CBD

Loving it. Here we have shoemaker, barber and a tailor as well as a cafe. This large 1st floor space is deliciously retro/vintageand a fresh breath form the pace outside.
Off Coventry St, near South Melbourne Market
Spacious, awe inspiring cakes and pastries, great coffee and friendly service. 
Campbell Arcade, CBD

Most convenient for commuters arriving into Flinders Street Station. Love the old world art deco charm of the subway itself too.
Balmain St, Richmond.

It's a bit off the track unless you live/work around here - a good few blocks from Swan Street -  but  no point in  a 'hidden gem' being too handy I guess! Big focus on the coffee here.
Laneway near Brunswick St/Johnston St junction. Fitzroy

For DJ tunes and an atmosphere that, if was any more laid back, would probably fall over.
Hosier Lane, CBD

Just a stones throw from Fed Square this is a great CBD pitstop for an injection of north Melbourne grunge, if the corporate and  commercial worlds are pressing down on you.
Elliot St, Fitzroy

Good coffee, good simple food and a spacious open courtyard surrounded by top class street art.
Rankins Lane, CBD

A favourite on a blustery Melbourne day, a haven from weather and bustle.. and usually super-cool latte art atop your coffee to boot.
Laneway off Carlisle St (beside one of the supermarkets...) Balaclava

Love this cafe in an ex-workshop. Cafe fare made with love and kharma (vege and vegan). Coffee is excellent.

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