24 June 2013

Launch Party!


After the buzz of printing and MICE (Melbourne International Coffee Expo) it was time to have a knees up and celebrate the birth of Espresso Tales magazine.

I just wanted it to be a simple, fun affair with coffee, cakes and something to drink.

I attended one of Coffee Supremes brew classes at The Abbotsford Club so as not to totally screw up the coffee (which would be kind of ironic, I guess!) and I knew the cakes would be perfect as they were from Servery and Spoon owned by my friend (who also happens to be awesomely inspiring) Elaine.

I had got myself an outfit for under $100 (shoes and dress!) from Quick Brown Fox in the CBD, earlier in the week and braved a ridiculous hair up (60's inspired...) on the day. A little prep at my friends Prahran studio (where, usually, all things spiritual take place - from Reiki to hypnotherapy) and all that was left to do was show up.

It was the perfect Melbourne winters evening (i.e could wet and miserable!) but inside was warm, coffee infused and inviting.

Magazines galore on display...

The cakes were amazing - from Servery and Spoon...
Me and the mag!
Coffee Supreme kindly loaned an array of coffee making equipment for the evening...

My VIP's for the evening! Chris and Charlotte from Cheerio who days later earn't the title 'Best Small Cafe'
in the Age Good Cafe Guide! (deservedly!)

Chris and Charlotte checking out the mag!
Cheerio folk again with Elaine from Servery, and friend.

My beautiful mummy friends Sonja, Nicki and Alison...

Aaron and Kylie of Life in My Hands and Nicky

Me! and friends Jo and Jeannette...

Some blokes. Including Martin, Kieran (hubby) and Charlie doing his serious face.

Me doing my weirdo face...

The end of the night when things got a little blurry.... Rachel and Sam.

Others were there but were not photographed on account of the fact that I forgot that I become the worst photographer on the world after a few wines (ie it didn't occur to me to take any more photos.....)

So that was it. The Magazine has had it's christening and business starts now!

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