18 May 2012

- BabyciNO! -


I've got kids. Preschoolers. I love coffee. Hence babycinos. Yes I am willing to pay twice the normal price for a coffee (by adding on 2 babycino's) for the privilege of a cafe-prepared coffee.

But I cringe as much as the next person at the silliness of the whole thing:

a)Asking for a babycino is embarrassing.
b)They will fight over who got the best marshmallow.
c)They will spill milk.
d)They will drop spoons noisily at least 3 times.

Oh, boy, I am exhausted just writing this.

But hey, I recon that it is an affordable way to entertain them for a few minutes whilst I enjoy a relatively hassle-free morning coffee.
If you don't have kids that does not sound like a hassle free morning. If you do - you get it.

In New Zealand they call them fluffy's (less embarrassing, as that is simply descriptive,don't you think?) and usually charge 50c. I'm only saying.

My oldest starts school next year so I guess I will have to upgrade her to a hot chocolate - wouldn't want to scar her for life buying her a babycino: "How embarrassing mum"

The solution?

1. Get espresso Keepcups:  I guess that would eliminate the noise and humiliation of dropped cutlery and porcelain. That would be a good start. (and it would also prevent 'baycino face' - you know, where the kid ends up with a mono-brow and a 'the Joker' mouth...)  (...Kinda cute though, once you have gotten over the cringe factor of spoilt kids demanding another marshmallow and fighting over the best seat, I guess...or not...)

2. Wait until the kids, or at least one of them, is in childcare or kinder before stopping for coffee. But really? Go three years without espresso?

And so is born the Babycino.

Over and out.


  1. As an owner/barista I like the joy a bit of fluffy milk, choc powder and a colourful straw can bring to a kids face - (no charge) just saying.

    1. Thanks Anthony - nice to hear!
      Children sure know how to do joy

  2. I make my preshooler our own version of babychino everyday for breakfast. We bought an equipment years ago that can make fluffy milk in few seconds.
    She loves it and also loves the fact that she and mommy having the 'same' coffee.

    1. Nice idea! It would make 'an occasion' of breakfast time too - must try!

  3. Babycinos are a good measure of a cafe. Cafes that go to a little extra effort to make them special or charge nothing for babycinos are the kind you always go back to.
    My nine year old still likes them! And my six year old prefers them to hot chocolates which are "too much" for her. I have an 18 month old who doesn't quite get them yet. I like the companionship of a coffee and a babycino, specially when you have some rare one on one mama-kid time.

    1. I agree that the little things reflect the big things - and the little extras do count. I do love sharing a cafe experience with mine too (despite the cynicism of this post!) Mine (3&4) often request a cafe stop-off.... proper little Melburnians!