03 May 2012

BEST OF - The West

BEST OF - The West
The Best Cafes in Melbourne's West

The west of Melbourne is not the first place on everyones lips when thinking about Melbourne's best coffee and cafes... yet perhaps it should be. The last year or so has seen some great places come on the scene, and a few that have been around for a while.

Here is my list of can't miss Westie cafes. They all do great coffee and have extensive breakfast and lunch menus. They all have that relaxed neighbourhood vibe you want from your local. Go the West!

The Milking Station
35 Bunbury St
Melbourne 3011

The newest of the bunch The Milking Station opened in April (2012) in a site that really was once a milking station. Today they serve good coffee to the locals (and fellow curious bloggers and foodies) and looks set to become the neighbourhood hotspot.

The Duchess of Spotswood
87 Hudsons Rd
Melbourne 3015

Duchess has been making waves since it opened with restaurant standard food (at cafe prices) and superb coffee.  

9 Ballarat St
Melbourne 3013

Cornershop is always busy and no more so than weekend mornings. Between queues out the door at the cinema over the road and this busy cafe spilling out into its courtyard and street-side dining this corner of Yarraville is quite the hub of activity.
The Pint of Milk
19 North Rd
Melbourne 3015

Another recent(ish) addition to the scene with good cafe fare and excellent Gridlock coffee. This place has cured my coffee cravings many a morning post our exhausting weekly preschooler swimming routine.
The Premises
202 Bellair St
Melbourne 30

Kensington is one of those funny little places with a charm of it's own, but with little enticement for non locals. Or it was before this place opened with quality specialty coffee and a friendly,  buzzy atmosphere.
(Luncheonette down the road is also well worth a mention - and cute! Pictured at top) 

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