27 May 2013

Launch of 'Coffee Encounters' by Smudge Publishing

Smudge Publishing team behind Coffee Encounters
(LtoR)  Dan Jackson, Jonette George, Kaitlyn Wilton,
Tyson Hunter and Daniele Wilton.
PRESS TWENTY FOUR was invited to the launch of COFFEE ENCOUNTERS published by Smudge Publishing at the brand new La Marzocco premises in Abbotsford.

Coffee Encounters was a collaborative process between Smudge and many big names in the Australian coffee industry documenting the entire journey of your daily coffee fix from the humble hard-working coffee pickers right through to the barista who hands you your coffee at your favourite cafe.

If you get your hands on this book you absolutely must read the incredibly moving account (as documented by Tyson Hunter and Dan Jackson) of the everyday life of Guatemalan coffee picker Ana Maria who is also mother to seven children. It is this story (please read it) that inspired the charity 'Picking up the Pieces', which has and will continue to improve the life of this family and in time others in the community.

This truly epic book of over 500 pages was launched in time for this years Melbourne International Coffee Expo and World Barista Championships.

Here is a little preview (Book widely available from book stores across Australia):


The Story about Ana Maria and her family.

Several coffee farms are documented...

Many Australian coffee roasters are featured.

Many local micro-roasters/cafes are featured.

Coffee Encounters is Published by Smudge Publishing

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