24 May 2013

Launch at Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2013!

It is a great feeling to have the magazines back from the printers and in my hands. In fact in the hands of plenty of people! I had a ball introducing myself and the magazine to a host of lovely people at MICE'13 this May. I was so flattered by peoples enthusiasm for the photography and the boutique nature of the publication. Many times people enforced that they thought the magazine reflected Melbourne's world-famous but unique cafe scene perfectly. I meet some really interesting characters and some great people!

Mario from Prana Chai (can't wait to get to know more about these guys - they have the perfect vibe for their product - quirky, well travelled, enthusiastic and humble!)

I live in South Melbourne so it was 'A for Awesome' to meet Maurinis from Padre Coffee  (Relevance obvious to anyone who frequents South Melbourne Markets!!)

Go St Ali! Oh boy, the books sold like hotcakes on the St Ali stand. Go Team!

I interviewed Jason here (and business partner Fluer Studd, not pictured here) for the Magazine.  I love the Market Lane brand... and the coffee may actually be worth dying for.

Con (from Gridlock Coffee) is also featured in the magazine. I adore the whole Gridlock crew. Nice guys and girls - has been a pleasure to get to know them all!

Here is Simone the VERY clever lady behind 365cups. I love a success story, especially when a girl is behind it! Go the girls!

You can tell she is lovely from the smile right? She was so lovely.  Nice to meet Suzy from newish coffee cup brand JOCO.

Hey Justin. How you doin'? Justin (Coffee Supreme) has been really kind to me  from the get-go. I ran the idea past him back when it was all digital and on my computer screen.  He had no doubt in the content of the publication but pushed me to think hard about the logistics  of making the crazy thing work.  Well - that part is still a work in progress! Advice appreciated Justin!!

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