03 September 2013

Salvatore Malatesta, Entrepreneur.

Salvatore Malatesta, entrepreneur.

I have had Sal's number in my phone for a year, I swear, but I 
held off making contact with him. Mostly because it was not quite the right time but also because I felt a little intimidated by his... big reputation. Working on VOL 2 of Espresso Tales made this the right time to get in touch with him, and I'm pleased I did. Was I right to feel a little intimidated? In away yes! Not because he is in any way intimidating (I can say that now I have met him!) but because Salvatore is a man that leaves an impression. He is a man that makes waves and gets things done. He is a business man, a very successful business man at that, and a really energetic, charismatic individual. 

I love hearing peoples life journey's and about what makes them tick. I am inspired by people that go out and make things happen. Salvatore is to this end incredibly inspirational.  I havent' given too much away here, this is a story that should be read in full and for that story you will have to wait until Espresso Tales Vol 2 comes out in November!

Oh, I know, I'm such a tease!
It will be worth the wait ;)