13 February 2014

First Shoot for VOLUME THREE!! Sbriga EspressoBar, Melbourne CBD

Mario from Sbriga Espresso Bar, Melbourne CBD

It is the coffee, food and interiors often that attract us to a certain cafe - but it's the staff that keep us coming back, right? The passion behind Melbourne cafe owners inspires me every time I sit down to conduct an interview. True again when I sat down with Mario Simeone in his European inspired Sbriga Bar in the north-west corner of the CBD.  Mario's approach is to provide Melbourne style coffee with a Roman inspired ambiance.

Volume Three of Espresso Tales will include a 6 page photographic feature of the stunning Sbriga Espresso Bar and Mario's personal story of how it came about.

Volume Three will be launched at MICE 2014

Buy volume's 1 & 2 here

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